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The difference between 2 kids and 3 kids May 15, 2005

Filed under: Rant — Shannon @ 9:07 pm

If someone were to ask me the difference between having two kids and three kids, I would say that so far I am spending more time in the bathroom than at any event. Both the kids decide that they have to go at different times, despite much asking. As soon as I think I am done, the baby has a big blowout and we need to go back to our favorite bathroom.


5 Responses to “The difference between 2 kids and 3 kids”

  1. Lee Says:

    It’s too bad we can put a starbucks in there!

  2. Joel Says:

    You need to get Jon to hook up TV/Music/Games or something in there — at least make it an event for reasons other than the obvious!

  3. Uncle Olt Says:

    I dig the list of commenters shown right under the “recent post” titles! But I would recommend making the body text the “rollover” color by default. The light light brown it is currently is too near the background, and hard to read.

  4. Jon Says:

    I agree with you, Arlen. I changed it.

  5. Becky G. Says:

    Yes, you do spend far more time in the bathroom, that is the major reason I had mine remodeled. When I came to the grim realizaion that I was wiping four people’s poopy butts (including myself, of course) that is when I decided it was better to wash skid-marked underwear than to make yet another trip to the bathroom to wipe someone’s ass.

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